HeroBakery is an incredibly fresh & forward thinking StartUp headquartered in Munich. We are very happy to have a standout & extraordinary talented NextGeneration ChinaGermany Team | collaborating & co creating with next generation masterminds | world class partners and individuals with impressive expertise & experiences from personal life | from both the very best education like Tsinghua University | LMU | Harvard | Stanford & Co | from top companies as well as from truly brilliant entrepreneurship | taking China and Germany to a whole new level! Say 你好 & Hallo!

Herobakery xin chen


“We want to support China & Germany through an effective and inspiring environment, where we can discover, learn, exchange, collaborate in smart ways - aiming to achieve our high ambitions & to co create a better and sustainable economic culture, which boosts innovation, quality & growth! So proud of our fantastic company culture, so happy to feel this kind of true passion at HeroBakery where we try to turn our ideas into reality - from local to global, side by side with this outstanding team!” Xin is fluent in Mandarin, German, English and Bavarian, while improving his Spanish & Italian skills. Say what’s up on

Herobakery yanyi huang


Born in Beijing, raised in BJ & Shanghai, Yanyi holds a BA in International Advertising & Communication from Shanghai International Studies University, with distinction. She then completed an MSc in Business Administration from LMU Munich and in Management from EMLyon Business School in France. She has experience in the consulting industry through internships at European consulting companies. Fascinated by the positive business and cross cultural communication between China & Europe, she is now devoting herself to building & supporting a NextGeneration ChinaGermany community with us here at HeroBakery. Yanyi speaks Chinese & English fluently and is highly motivated to improve her German & French speaking skills

Herobakery denis lenz


Born in Hong Kong and raised in Beijing & Shanghai, Denis has been exposed to China from an early age. His great fascination with Asia’s dynamic societies has led him back to the region like Singapore, Beijing and Taipei. Following his exchange semester at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management, Denis supported PKU professors in the writing of a book by delivering insights on the Chinese consumer. Denis’ academic record is well received by business management and finance, having recently graduated with a Banking and Finance master’s degree from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Denis is fluent in English, German, Chinese and French

Herobakery wei wei


Wei was born in China and has been living in Europe since 2007. He earned an MSc in Business Administration from LMU Munich, Diplôme Grande Ecole from EMLyon Business School and an MSc in International Business from Aston Business School in UK. His studies were focused on Strategy, Organization and Change Management. Prior to his master’s studies, Wei attended LMU for his BA, majoring in Economics with a specialization in Mathematic Methods of Economic Analysis. Wei gained professional experiences in Sales Management and Business Development at leading financial & insurance companies with a focus on automotive. With his open mindset and cross cultural background, Wei is absolutely dedicated to the interface of Chinese and German startups & businesses. Wei speaks Chinese, English and German fluently

Herobakery sebastian wagner

Sebastian 德国小伙儿

Born and raised in Munich, Sebastian is studying for his masters in Computer Science at LMU Munich and currently a visiting scholar at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. As part of an honors program through the CDTM he spent one year at National Taiwan University as an exchange student studying Chinese. Later he gained experience in the Chinese market through an internship in the automotive industry in Beijing. His passion lies in creating playful yet instructive videos improving ChineseGerman cross cultural understanding. Sebastian loves tech startups and speaks German, English, Chinese and French fluently. Check out his videos on

Herobakery yin lu


Born in Changsha and living in Germany since 2003. At the age of 8 Lu started English & German studies with native speaking teachers. Graduated in electrical engineering at the top of his class, he is now part of the team for a leading German automotive technology consulting company managing Chinese clients. Becoming aware of German companies focusing on the Chinese market he recognized the need of a deeper understanding. With understanding comes trust and at HeroBakery he is dedicated to better support this cross cultural exchange. Lu enjoys playing soccer in a local German league and loves cooking, mixing Chinese & German cuisine. Lu is fluent in Chinese, German and English

Herobakery ren liu


Born and raised in Beijing, Ren holds an MA in Cultural Studies from the University of Constance in Germany with a focus in social psychology gained at the University of California, Berkeley. She has experience in the Automotive & Electronics industries where she was responsible for various international projects as well as process management and HR development topics. Having worked in leading multinational companies in both China & Germany, she is now enthusiastic about being a part of HeroBakery. Ren speaks Chinese, German and English fluently

Herobakery qi deng


Qi grew up in Shenzhen. He has a lot of experience in both Finance and the agricultural industry through past internships and research. He is keen on M&A topics and on using finance technique to leverage China’s agricultural industry. Qi is also fascinated by the startup scene that links Chinese & German markets. Qi holds a bachelor degree with distinction from Renmin University of China, majoring in Agricultural Economics and is now studying for his masters in Finance at WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management. He enjoys classical music and has received many awards as a Cello player. Qi is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, while improving his german skills day by day. Say hey on

Herobakery natasha chiu


Born & raised in Taiwan, Natasha completed her BA in Political Economics at National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan. She then moved to Germany where she successfully completed her MA with honors in International Marketing at Nuremberg Institute of Technology in Germany focusing on cross cultural marketing & market insight analysis. Natasha has had various international experiences including an NGO internship in India as well as with a top german sporting goods company. Additionally, she played a leadership role in the world’s largest youth organization with a focus on marketing, PR and communication for 4 years. It was a real hands on job. The business relationship between China & Germany has always been an interest of hers and to that end she has decided to join the HeroBakery team leveraging her cross cultural know how & marcom skills. Natasha is fluent in Mandarin, Taiwanese, English and is constantly working on her German in order to reach a level of fluency

Herobakery quanbo wu


Born & raised in Qingtian, China, Quanbo has been living in Germany since 1999. He is currently completing his final year of his business administration degree at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management. As a part of his bachelor studies, he has undertaken a semester abroad at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Additionally, he has gained comprehensive experience in both the German & Chinese markets, having engaged in professional in both Shanghai & Berlin. Working at a German automaker in China has giving him keen insights into the importance of truly overcoming intercultural obstacles. At HeroBakery he can take this work to the next level. His motivation is his personal satisfaction derived from the sense of achievement he feels from doing something good & worthwhile. We value this greatly at HeroBakery. Quanbo is fluent in Chinese, German and English

Herobakery christian strobl

Christian ADVISOR

Born and raised in Munich, Christian worked in the field of private equity at a global leading law firm upon completing his studies at LMU Law School. Well practicing law he was up for new challanges and found his friend’s passion for coding very exciting. He then decided to visit HongKong and attended a hackathon at HK Cyberport. This was a lifechanging event for him and he realized his true calling. Since then Christian has developed coding | programming skills primarily online via Team Treehouse successfully getting ranked at 54th out of over 180.000 students. Today he is Co Founder & MD at Databerg, a Ventures & Web development consultancy, as well as co founding hackevents.de, the leading platform for Hackathons in Germany. He is very enthusiastic about the Chinese coding scene as it was where his transformation began. This fascination has led him to HeroBakery where he has the opportunity to network & collaborate with ChinaGermany professionals & coders. The interesting thing at HeroBakery is that he can combine the know how of Chinese and German coders giving him new insights from different perspectives. HeroBakery values him because he is an expert at programming & solving problems with advanced computer technology and we greatly appreciate his expert advice & support

Herobakery chenchao liu


Born and raised in both China & Germany, Chenchao has enjoyed the wonderful opportunity of growing up in both cultures. He has a BS in chemistry from TU Munich and is currently persuing his MBA. He has gained solid experience in management consulting at world leading consultancies. He also experienced with an exciting fast growing start up. As his parents have lived in the US for years, he has been exposed to the US culture together with his travels he has become a cosmopolitan personality with a multicultural mindset. He is grateful for the opportunity given to him to become a part of the German society and he gives back by volunteering for social projects that are sponsored through HeroBakery. As a part of the HeroBakery team Chenchao plays an active role in contributing to ChinaGerman relations. Chenchao speaks Chinese, German and English fluently and is eager to improve his French. He is passionate about sailing and paragliding which he uses to refresh his mind and brainstorm new ideas

Herobakery dixin zheng


Dixin is a Singaporean currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Marketing at Peking University, Guanghua School of Management. Having been raised to be effectively bilingual in both English & Chinese in Singapore, Dixin decided that she wants to have the best of both worlds by completing her degree in Beijing. Over the last two years at PKU, she has been actively involved in the Chinese entrepreneurship scene spearheading several student initiatives aimed at promoting local start ups to young people around the world. Dixin is deeply passionate about marketing. She has an innate ability at grasping trending consumer behaviour, perhaps as a result of her inquisitive nature. Her hobbies include dancing, hot yoga and she is a avid traveller visiting over 14 countries and enjoying local cuisines of the world. Say hi on

Herobakery hong wa poon


Born in Germany with a Chinese background and UK citizenship Hong is truly an example of the successful integration of a person with a multicultural background. He has a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering & Business Administration and is currently enrolled in the Joint-Master program between RWTH Aachen and Tsinghua University in Beijing where he expects to gradudate in 2015 with a MS degree. He has gained experiences in production engineering through several internships both in China & Germany working in the field of Lean Production and Change Management. Hong wants to add his diverse network to HeroBakery to advance both cross cultural exchange and business experiences between young professionals in China & Germany. His hobbies include football, cooking and cultural affairs. Hong speaks German, English, Cantonese fluently and is improving his Mandarin every day

Herobakery ruiqiao wen


Born in Chongqing & raised in Shanghai, Ruiqiao holds a BA in TV & Movie Editing from Shanghai Jiaotong University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing at NYU New York University. She has experience in cross cultural marketing, PR and communications developed from her internships at leading multinational companies. Ruiqiao is very enthusiastic about supporting business relationships between China and the West which has led to her fascination in the NextGeneration ChinaGermany community at HeroBakery. This interest can be seen among other things in her desire to support her friends’ startups. Her hobbies include piano, Taekwondo, Singing and Street Dance. Ruiqiao is fluent in Chinese & English and is now highly motivated to learn German

Herobakery simon werther


Simon was born & raised near Munich in the “Holledau”. He founded his first company at the age of 16. Simon studied at Tongji University, Peking University & LMU Munich where he completed his degree in Psychology and Sinology. He fell in love with China and is convinced that China will change the future, something he looks forward to. After completing his PhD Simon became the Director of a forward thinking training institution. Today he is Co-founder & CEO at HRinstruments where he focuses on revolutionizing company communication such as 360° feedback and employee surveys together with his team. Simon is an experienced entrepreneur who is passionate about HeroBakery offering both his cross cultural enthusiasm and his knowledge & experiences of China & Germany

Herobakery yu huang


Upon completion his Bachelor degree in Engineering in China, Yu decided to further pursue his passion in business administration, although he has not lost his love for engineering. With this in mind he took on a program in Hamburg, Germany studying both engineering and business at TUHH Hamburg University of Technology & NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management. He successfully completed this program with a MSc & MBA. Today Yu practices managerial skills and engineering excellence in a global giant of consumer goods, where the day to day challenges have taken the case studies from the books into his real life. Yu’s profile and HeroBakery’s concept | target group has created a perfect match leading him to become a member of the gang

Herobakery yifan guan


Yifan is currently enrolled in a double bachelor program from Sun Yat-sen University and Ingolstadt School of Management. Her focus is on Human Resource Management, Business Administration and Service Management both in China & Germany. She gained broad working experience in global fashion companies. She is fascinated with the business development in China & Germany and is excited about to know new people and creating opportunities. Yifan is very pleased to work with ambitious cross cultural young professionals at HeroBakery on meaningful projects. Her motto is: Be positive, creative & communicative!

Herobakery lin shan


Lin was born & raised in Jiujiang and later in Shenzhen. She graduated with first class honors from the University of Nottingham with a BEng in Chemical Engineering and is pursuing a MPhil in Advanced Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge. Her courses also include marketing & management which she does well in as she has gained broad working experiences in these areas as a result of internships she takes part every summer. She enjoys her internships as she has the opportunity in working with people from vastly different backgrounds, learning of cross cultural teamwork, effective communication skills and attention to detail. Additionally she manages the Chinese Students and Scholars Association at Cambridge. Through these experiences she has developed good organizational capabilities as well as resilience and calmness together with her fascination for Germany she contributes well to the NextGeneration ChinaGermany community at HeroBakery. Lin is fluent in Chinese & English and is continuously improving her German

Herobakery ping yu


Born & raised in Guangzhou, Ping came from a family with a Korean and Burmese background. Having parents from different cultural histories led to his interest in travel in order to get personal experiences and to appreciate the differences between cultures. He has visited over 15 countries. Upon completing a BA in China, Ping went on to pursue Master Degrees in Business and Commerce at the University of Queensland, Australia. He majored in International Business and Information Systems. His working experience includes managing roles in a startup and an international non profit organization and was involved in IT projects as a consultant. During his time as an exchange student Ping went to the University of Mannheim, where he actively explored the country of Germany, made friends, lived with a local family and was engaged in different organizations. Ping joined HeroBakery as a result of these amazing experiences with the belief of growing ChineseGerman collaboration. Ping is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, English & is learning German. Say hi!

Herobakery philip hertlein


Born & raised in Germany, Philipp is currently attending a SinoGerman dual undergraduate BA program at WFI Ingolstadt School of Management & Tongji University Shanghai. Philipp developed a strong interest in China during a summer school program in Qingdao, when he experienced China first hand and was fascinated with its culture & language. Philipp has benefited from practical experiences in the financial services industry which allowed him to connect with Chinese business colleagues in 上海. Philipp is starting his Master’s degree in Boston in fall 2015 and would like to actively establish connections with students who can benefit from HeroBakery. He is convinced that HeroBakery can help young professionals abroad who are interested in working in China or Germany, to seize opportunities in a competitive working environment. Philipp is a passionate tennis player & snowboarder. He is fluent in German, English and is highly motivated to improve his Mandarin & French skills. Check him out at

Herobakery di xu


Born & raised in Zhejiang, Di is currently studying BSc Economics and Statistics at UCL University College London. Having internship experiences within the finance industry, she recognized how competitive it is nowadays. Taking pleasure in volunteering and enjoying such an atmosphere gave her a lesson about the responsibility of the giving of oneself to ones community, creating a more global citizen. During her time at university, she enjoys exploring all fields and enriching herself with a variety of experiences. When she has free time, she likes reading periodicals and listening to light music. She feels that HeroBakery has created the right forward thinking community linking China & Germany in new ways, providing an innovative platform for communication exchange, allowing us to be matched with the best position in our respective fields. Di speaks Chinese & English fluently and is improving her German

Herobakery michael schafhauser


Born & raised in Germany, Michael first acquired hands-on experience in Chinese business during a one-year stay in HK. At that time, he acknowledged the vast importance China had on the world economy, and as a result of immersing himself in the culture and language, he has found himself infatuated with every aspect of the country, resulting in him attending a summer program at Qingdao University, which helped him improve his proficiency in Chinese. Michael holds a double BA degree in European Business from HS Regensburg & Oxford Brookes University. Currently he is enrolled in the MSc Management program at HHL Leipzig Gradudate School of Management and will undertake a semester abroad at Shanghai Jiao Tong University later in 2015. In his leisure time, Michael diligently monitors current events in global politics / business and enjoys partaking in a football game. Michael derives great satisfaction from traveling to unknown destinations and becoming acquainted with new cultures. He is fluent in German & English and has every intention of becoming even more skilled in mastering the Chinese. Get in contact with him on

Herobakery leonard weise


Born & raised in Frankfurt a.M., Germany, Leo moved to China at the tender age of 18 to learn Mandarin. He started early to gain working experience through internships at multinational companies in finance & consulting. He has since been involved in several Chinese-German projects, including work for China’s largest manufacturer of electric locomotives and one of Germany’s most prominent restaurant chains. At the same time, he is studying for his BA in International Business at the University of Nottingham in Ningbo, China. At HeroBakery Leo is very much looking forward to connecting with great people. In his free time, Leo likes to listen to Electro and House music and very much enjoys playing football and the outdoors. Say hi on

Herobakery zehao dong


Born & raised in Beijing, Zehao is currently studying BSc Economics at the University of Liverpool in the UK. He previously studied BEng Financial Mathematics at Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University in Suzhou, China. During that time, he established two student organizations and put his business ideas into practise. Having several internship experiences within the finance field, he decided to go to Germany to advance his career and do a masters degree. Having been in Frankfurt am Main for three months, he now knows what he is passionate about. He would like to become more involved in the economy, Germany, China and the cross-cultural environment. Zehao wants to communicate his ideas with young bright talents and would be very pleased to work with them around the world from HeroBakery. He is fluent in English, Mandarin and highly motivated to improve his German language skills. Find out more about Zehao on

Herobakery maggie zhou


Born in China & living in Germany since 2008, Maggie holds a PhD in Psychology and Pedagogy from LMU University of Munich with a focus on Organizational Learning and Development. Her dissertation title is “Market Orientation and Entrepreneurial Orientation in a Learning Organization”. Maggie completed her BA degree Marketing in China. She worked in the field of marcom in China for a top German company. While writing her dissertation in Germany, Maggie worked for another top German company as a PhD student in a change management program. She gained broad experiences in the development and delivery of trainings and workshops e.g. intercultural competence, emotional intelligence, leadership and coaching. Since Oct 14, she has been working for an American company as a Learning and Development Specialist in a global HR team. In her free time she engages in activities between Germany & China and together with her friends established a non profit organization for young Chinese professionals in Germany. Her motto is: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Maggie speaks Chinese, German and English fluently

Herobakery jakob gebauer


Born in Kiel & raised in Hamburg, Jakob left northern Germany for the city of Munich to study Technology Management at TU Munich. Due to his lifelong affinity for IT and software development, Jakob complements his business studies with a profound focus on computer science. In recent years, Jakob has developed a strong interest in China as a result of a growing awareness and many new international friendships and thus started to learn Mandarin. In 2014 he had the opportunity to study at the University of Hong Kong, further deepening his enthusiasm and understanding of China and its culture. Throughout his studies Jakob has gained practical experiences in various industries, such as one of the Big Four, a German “Mittelständler” and the private equity division of a German multinational private bank. Jakob is now looking forward to bringing these experiences and together with his high motivation to HeroBakery in support of its vision for a NextGeneration ChinaGermany. Jakob is fluent in German, English and is continuing to improve his Chinese, Spanish and French skills

Herobakery lisa he


Born in Germany to Chinese parents, Lisa is continuously looking for opportunities to experience Chinese foods, traditions and culture. Upon completing her undergraduate degree in Media Studies at the University of Siegen, she spent a year traveling in China, while working for a German company. During that time she met many amazing people from diverse backgrounds with a strong connection to China. Currently Lisa is an intern at a top German automaker in Munich and planning to pursue her postgraduate studies in Marketing & Advertising in England in the fall. Lisa is passionate about dancing, travelling and loves to meet new people. She speaks German, Chinese and English fluently. Say hi to her at

Herobakery felix deist


Born & raised in Essen, Germany, Felix studied Chinese Studies at RUB Bochum and took part in an exchange program at 北京师范大学 Beijing and 同济大学 Shanghai as well as doing extracurricular courses in both international law & economic law. He is a young professional with experiences within the German parliament and international NGOs. In addition, he is a freelance business trainer for project management, campaigning and PR while at the same time he is an experienced youth leader with various positions in political & youth organizations and is passionate about playing an active role to improve China-German/EU relations, supporting cross cultural exchange. With his diplomatic understanding and his well established network Felix acts as HeroBakerys eyes & ears to the Berlin political scene, NGOs, businesses & academics. With these in mind, HeroBakery offers him an unique opportunity to be part of a multicultural and multilingual team of forward thinking talents, leveraging his knowledge of international business challenges & opportunities. In his free time Felix is passionate about international politics, music, bouldering, cooking and enjoys Chinese cuisine. He is fluent in English, German and is constantly working on his Mandarin. Feel free to get in touch with him at

Herobakery jixiang kong


Born in China & currently living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Jixiang holds a PhD in Biology from Max-Planck Institute and Tübingen University. He was involved in the Seventh Framework Program and worked with people from different countries. At the same time, he benefited from the opportunity of participating in different soft skill workshops funded by the European Commission. Jixiang not only enjoys scientific research but is very enthusiastic about participating in a multicultural environment, sharing his multifaceted experiences with talents. He would like to bring awareness and a deeper understanding of China and Germany to the world. Jixiang speaks Chinese & English fluently and is improving his German everyday

Herobakery alexander limpert


Born in Germany & raised in Switzerland, Alex holds an MSc in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics & a BA in Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen. He currently works as a management consultant at an international management consulting firm in London, UK, where he has been advising leading financial services firms across Asia, Europe and North America. Ever since he visited Beijing for the first time in 2006, Alex has been fascinated by the Chinese culture, food and language. Following this experience he took Mandarin classes and went for an exchange semester to Taiwan, an internship in Shanghai, volunteered in Hunan and visited many other fascinating places in China. At HeroBakery, Alex would like to help foster SinoGerman relations and to connect with likeminded people from all over the world. In his free time he enjoys travel off the beaten path, tennis and snowboarding. Alex speaks fluent German, Swiss German, English and Mandarin. Feel free to get in touch with him at

Herobakery yide he


Bofore Yide received his PhD scholarship to study in Germany, he lived & was educated in China. Currently he is a postdoctoral fellow at Humboldt University of Berlin, focusing on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of biopolymers. In addition to his work, Yide is very interested in the area of cross cultural communication & exchange between China and Germany, especially in the area of environmental issues. In 2013 he together with several environmental engineers co founded “German-Sino Promotion Centre for Environment and Energy” (DCZUE) in Berlin. They have arranged two annual meetings which attracted many environmental engineers to discuss hot environmental issues in China and the possibility of cooperation between China and Germany. As a result they received funding from the Ministry of Education of China. Yide was awarded as “Young Innovator of the Year 2014” in Berlin as well. The HeroBakery concept attracts him as it will enhance communication between China and Germany. He hopes that his experiences and skills will contribute to the success of HeroBakery. Yide speaks Chinese, German and English fluently

Herobakery summer xia


Summer is a true Chinese girl, born & raised in Beijing and loves to cook Chinese food. Summer holds a dual-degree in Hospitality Management and Business Administration that she received in Montreux, Switzerland. She is now doing a Master of Science in Web Marketing and Project Management at SKEMA Business School in France. She has experience in the hospitality industry through jobs at top hotel chains around the world. As Summer is full of creative ideas, always passionate and motivated, she is eager to make her contribution to HeroBakery. Her hobbies include traveling and baking. Summer speaks Chinese and English fluently and is improving her German and French speaking skills day to day

Herobakery xinda yang


Born & raised in Beijing, currently living in Germany, Xinda is a young open minded man with international experience. He completed his Bachelor of Laws at Peking University Law School, afterwards he pursued a Master of Laws with a focus on entertainment law at the University of Southern California in sunny LA. In 2013 Xinda moved to Europe joining the European Master in Management program at EMLyon Business School and LMU Munich. Having experiences at top international law firms in Beijing and Frankfurt am Main, and currently doing an internship at a leading German logistic company, Xinda is ready to commit himself to dynamic international business with a strategy and a legal perspective. Xinda is enthusiastic about sports (swimming) and travel. He has travelled in more than 20 countries and loves the US national parks. Xinda speaks Chinese and English fluently and German at an intermediate level

Herobakery maximilian sandholzer


Born & raised in Germany, Maximilian is currently working on a research project at the University of Leipzig. He holds a BSc and MSc degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. During his master studies, he got in touch with China during an exchange semester at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Since then, he has become passionate about Chinese language and culture. During his time at university, he was involved in a student consultancy as CFO and project manager. Additionally, Maximilian has interned in top tier strategy consulting firms and the automotive industry. At HeroBakery, he is eager to build new interpersonal relationships and wants to motivate people to take their China-Germany involvement to the next level. In his free time, Maximilian is currently preparing for a triathlon and is improving his Chinese skills on a daily basis. He is bilingual in German and English as well as reasonably fluent in Chinese. Say 嘿 to him at

Herobakery zhenyu zhou


Born in China, Zhenyu moved to the US and successfully completed his Master of Education in Language and Literacy from Harvard University. Zhenyu is a polyglot, engaging in various international initiatives to promote knowledge and cultural exchange. In the “Many Languages One World” Essay contest he was selected as one out of the 10 winners from all over the world to speak at the UN General Assembly about global citizenship. He has lectured at many places including the New Oriental School, where he has gained great popularity among students. Zhenyu is also an author, who has published his own anthology of philosophy essays as well as poems at the age of 19, which have been broadcasted by many popular media channels. Now being a huge tech enthusiast, Zhenyu is the Co-Founder and CEO of exlogue.com, dedicated to smartly bridging the gap between knowledge supply and demand. At HeroBakery Zhenyu is eager to push the knowledge and cultural exchange to the next level, especially between China – Germany and USA. Zhenyu speaks German, Mandarin, English and French fluently. Say hi at

Herobakery yanci yang


Born & raised in Beijing, Yanci studied Business Management at the University of International Business and Economics. Her working experience in a leading consulting firm inspired her to become an excellent strategy management expert. Her fascination with global dynamic societies has led Yanci to go abroad to expand her global network and to broaden her horizons. During her exchange semester at the Cologne University, Yanci worked with many talented Erasmus students on different programs, gaining exciting insights about intercultural differences and collaboration. At HeroBakery Yanci wants to help build up smart global connections and support regional projects for more individuals and organizations. In her spare time, Yanci enjoys being a core member of her business school’s football team. Teamwork and friendship have always created a positive and creative daily life for her. She is fluent in Chinese, English and a learner in German. Say Hey at

Herobakery felix le


Born & raised in Chengdu, Felix (Xuefei) holds a bachelor degree in Engineering Mechanics, but then determined to reorient his career to the finance industry. Felix is now enrolled in a 3-year Master in Management program at EDHEC Business School, France – with a concentration in corporate finance and banking. Felix is passionate about M&A and private equity. Upon finishing his gap year doing internships in business development in Paris, he will go back to EDHEC to finish his final year. At HeroBakery Felix wants to facilitate the optimal business cooperation between the two major economics, constructing a smart bridge between the next generation. In his leisure time, he is keen on film photography and collecting old cameras. Felix speaks Chinese, Cantonese, English and French fluently and plans to learn German and Japanese

Herobakery nicolas monge


Born in France to a Spanish father & a French mother, Nicolas was raised in both Sydney & Paris. He holds a BCom in Economics from Macquarie University and a MSc from ESCP Europe. He has benefited from many international experiences and is very passionate about China, especially its recent history and economic potential. Nicolas has had a great deal of experience with the international development of startups and is currently based in Shanghai working as a business development manager for a French industrial public company in the Asia-Pacific region. He is an expert guide in Shanghai’s street food scene and is fluent in French, English, Mandarin, Spanish and German. Say NiHao to Nicolas and chat with him on China topics, XiaoLongBao, startups and economy at

Herobakery dennis melzer


Born in Hamburg to a German father & Chinese mother, Dennis spent 14 years growing up in Shanghai, which he considers his home town. Dennis completed his Bachelor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the US and completed his Masters in International Business & Management at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Germany. Currently, he works as a business consultant in the automotive industry for an international IT firm based in Munich, supporting multinational renowned automotive players. At HeroBakery, Dennis aims to advance Chinese-German communication and networks with like-minded, forward-thinking entrepeneurs. In his free time, Dennis enjoys playing saxophone, basketball, travelling, experiencing exciting cultures and trying local cuisines. He speaks English, German and Mandarin fluently, while at the same time practicing Mandarin every morning in Germany. Say Hi at

Herobakery alfred lam


Alfred was born & raised in Hong Kong. He is studying at the City University of Hong Kong, majoring in Global Business System Management. Alfred always proactively seeks opportunities to broaden his international exposure – he has worked in Mainland China, Mexico and Argentina in various industries. In addition, he started a business venture with his friends shortly after the completion of high school. Alfred also participated in an academic exchange to Mexico and Singapore gaining cross cultural experiences firsthand. Alfred is excited about exploring business opportunities between China and Germany with HeroBakery. Whenever he has some free time, Alfred is an enthusiastic traveler, eager to experience and learn from different cultures. Alfred can speak some German and Spanish, on top of Cantonese, Mandarin and English

Herobakery jun ng


Born & raised in Hong Kong, Jun is currently studying Finance and Entrepreneurship at McGill University in Montreal, Canada for his bachelor degree. Jun has developed a strong interest in Sino-German business relationships during a summer internship in a top German kitchen company, where he was responsible for the export to China. He is fascinated by the German engineer-like mentality and their untiring drive to excellence. Always wanting to build his own startup, Jun is actively participating in different organizations and constantly seeking working experience in startups. Jun is currently playing a leadership role in the Junior branch of the Hong Kong-Canada Business Association and had many hands-on experience in the organization of events. He wants to support HeroBakery in the scalability and believes that the growing collaboration of China and Germany is the next spotlight on the global stage. In order to keep himself open to new ideas, Jun insists on travelling at least once every year for more international exposure and to be more observant. He enjoys reading, playing basketball, volleyball and inline hockey in leisure time. Jun is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and is learning German

Herobakery liwei zhang


Born & raised in Wuhan, Liwei holds a BA in Economics from China. Currently she is pursuing her master’s degree in corporate finance and strategy at LMU Munich and EM Lyon Business School. She has gained analyst and business development experiences in leading finance companies in Wuhan, Hong Kong as well as Paris but also was involved with entrepreneurial projects during college. Liwei wants to utilize her skills to help build up companies especially in the high tech industry with a cross border cultural background. Liwei has been practicing her painting skills for the last 18 years and she enjoys Extremsport. She can speak Mandarin, English and French fluently. She is planning to improve her German and Japanese. Say Hi at

Herobakery kyle li


Born & raised in Hong Kong, Kyle is studying at the City University of Hong Kong, majoring in Marketing. He played a leadership role in the world’s largest youth organization with a lot of hands-on experiences in marketing and communication, e.g. performed marketing strategies for student conferences with hundreds of delegates from many countries. He also enjoyed internships in the IT industry where he was responsible for developing effective promotion solutions. He is eager to contribute to HeroBakery facilitating the exchange and collaboration of culture and business opportunities between professionals and students in China and Germany. This is a great vision of his. His motto is: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

Herobakery lexie hoi ching lee


Born & raised in Hong Kong, Lexie is currently studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for her bachelor degree in Global Business Studies. As a part of her program, she will be undertaking a semester abroad at both Copenhagen Business School in Denmark and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the US. During her studies she was involved extensively in business and debating competitions around the globe – Latvia, Macau & Hong Kong – and has established her fondness in Finance & Business Analysis through her experiences. With her curiosity and passion, she has also established her strong interest in design and publication – currently a designer of a university case competition team, a design officer of her resident council and the organization for her study program. In leisure time Lexie loves travelling – she has been to five countries in a year, and also has taken her first summer internship in Munich, Germany. Through this opportunity, she got to know more about the German and Chinese start-up scene, and now supporting to connect German and Chinese business with her location in Hong Kong. Lexie is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, while learning Japanese

Herobakery xin ruan


Born & raised in Zhejiang, Xin holds a Master in Computer Science from the Technische Universität München. As a modern software engineer, he loves programming with a creative leverage. Xin has already created two startups in Munich with his multinational, entrepreneurial team. Based on these multifaceted business experiences, he noticed that especially for the Chinese and German markets, with a deeper cooperation in various fields, there are many opportunities and a high potential for fresh talents to developing their capabilities. Xin is excited about HeroBakery, willing to offer his enthusiasm and knowledge to build and develop the innovative platform, effectively supporting both professionals and companies in fast growing and constantly changing environments. Xin enjoys jogging and photography and is fluent in Chinese and English, while improving his German skills. Say hey on

Herobakery joan wu


Born in China, Jieqiong holds a BS in Material Chemistry from Fudan University, Shanghai and a Master of Management (Grande Ecole) from ESSEC Business School, Paris as well as did an exchange with Brandeis University, USA. She has gathered various experiences in financial planning, analysis and consulting through working with leading and specialized companies. Through her strong international exposure she has gained a great interest into startups as well as the dynamic links between China & Germany; intrigued by China’s high potential to shape the global economic landscape. Jieqiong is passionate about art, wine, horsing, playing the violin, nutrition and cultures. She speaks Chinese, English, German and French fluently. Say hi on Weibo:”brattyj2″ and on

Herobakery dong zhang


Dong was born in China and has been living in Germany since 2011. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Siegen, he is now pursuing a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at the Technical University Munich. He has gathered various working experiences in several world leading Chinese and German technology and automotive companies. At Herobakery Dong is dedicated to strengthen the cultural and business bridges between China and Germany, to providing a deeper understanding. Unlike typical “engineers”, Dong is very enthusiastic about a variety of sports including bodybuilding, sailing and basketball. He once has organised a bicycle trip around Hainan province in China for about 900 km within one week. He also loves music and enjoys playing guitar in his spare time. He can speak good German and English, with Chinese as native language. In general, Dong is eager to explore the world and get to know curious people from different cultural backgrounds. Say hi on Weibo: “张栋china” and on

Herobakery yevgen lantsuzovskyy


Yevgen has a great passion for the Chinese Economics. During both his Bachelor and Master studies majoring in Finance at the University of Eichstatt-Ingolstadt, Germany, he supported academic visitors from China and assisted them in their research activities on German and Chinese Economics. During his Master, Yevgen received a highly ranked scholarship from the Chinese Government and continued his education at Fudan University in Shanghai, where he conducted his own research project on the Chinese Economics. Yevgen has worked as a guest lecturer in various Chinese top universities. He is active as a supervisor of Chinese students in the Student Alumni Mentorship Program in Germany. At HeroBakery, Yevgen aims to contribute to a better understanding between China and Germany, to support a productive intercultural collaboration and to assist the HeroBakery Team in achieving its ambitious goals. Yevgen is fluent in German, English, Russian, Ukrainian and currently working on his Mandarin skills. Say hi on

Herobakery xueliu chen


100% made in China, Xueliu holds a BA in International Business with Communication Studies from University of Nottingham in Ningbo, China. During her studies and voluntary engagement she enjoyed her stops in UK and Africa, but her curiosity about Germany finally made her first visit to the country in 2013. After an one-year volunteering in social service in Darmstadt, she is currently pursuing a Master in Management at University of Mannheim with a focus on operations. Through various internships she has gained experiences in leading companies in the Chinese media to the German sports industries as well as startup projects. Xueliu is eager to further explore the local German economy, especially the landscape of SMEs. It is an exciting cause for her to supporting business relationships as well as a deeper cultural understanding in and between China and Germany. Xueliu speaks fluent Chinese and English, while aiming to improve her German and Japanese skills. Say hi on

Herobakery jingyi chai


Born in China & living in Germany since 2009, Jingyi currently works at a leading financial advisory firm in Munich, specializing on cross-border M&A and joint venture. He holds a BSc in Finance & Banking from Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich with honours. During his study, he interned at a top tier strategy consulting, bulge bracket investment banking and private equity firm. He values a lot the opportunity to work in a highly dynamic and international environment, especially to closely learn about the German mentality. At HeroBakery, Jingyi is keen to push cross-border opportunities forward, inspiring people to be a smart bridge to connect China-German businesses and cultural exchanges. In his free time, Jingyi enjoys travelling around and meeting people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Jingyi speaks Mandarin, English and German fluently. Sa hi to him on

Herobakery sabrina jaap


Born & raised in Germany Sabrina decided to move abroad for her studies in International Business Administration (BSc) as well as International Management CEMS (MSc), which allowed her to experience life and culture of such diverse places as the Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sweden. Ever since her exchange semester in Singapore, Sabrina has been fascinated by the dynamics on the Asian continent and eager to explore new and exciting opportunities in that region. With HeroBakery, Sabrina wants to further stimulate and promote the German-Chinese relations helping to grow the business. Aside from frequent traveling, Sabrina participates in international running competitions with a focus on marathons. She also loves swimming and any type of outdoor activities. Sabrina is fluent in German and English, has extensive knowledge of the Dutch language and keen on improving her Mandarin. Say hi on

Herobakery lun nie


Born in Wuhan, China and growing up across China / UK, Lun is currently working as an analylst at a leading financial advisory firm in London. He hold’s a master’s degree in Financial Economics from University of Oxford. Lun is vastly enthusiastic respective to the development of Chinese-European relations, particularly from a business perspective, along with his fervour for entrepreneurship, fueling his dream of creating a venture to further bridge China and Europe. Now at HeroBakery, Lun comes with the passion for start-ups and the dream to effectively enhancing the relationships between China and Europe, in particular for the next generation. He is a keen rower as well as a long-distance runner, who also enjoys travel. He has backpacked through Europe and can speak English and Chinese fluently. Say hi on

Herobakery maximilian ernst


Born & raised in Munich, Max started racing motorbikes in the early age of 4 and made it all the way up to the International German Championship (IDM) and the European Championship in the 125cc class. After ending his racing career in 2008 and completing high school, Max is currently studying a BA in Business Administration at Munich University of Applied Sciences since 2012. Max has gained practical experiences through various internships in Asia and in multinational organizations in Europe. Based on his keen interest for startups Max has led several entrepreneurship projects at SCE Munich and has taken part in national wide business founding contests. While working for the university’s international office and making friends with many Chinese exchange students, Max developed a strong interest into China and its culture. After returning from his exchange program at Macau University of Science and Technology, he is now combining his enthusiasm for startups as well as a next generation in, to and between ChinaGermany at HeroBakery. Max is fluent in English and German and eager to improve his Mandarin and Spanish skills

Herobakery bastian qiu


Born in China Mainland and raised in Germany, Canada and United States, Bastian is eager to make social impacts with his exceptional intellect, tremendous drive, motivated enthusiasm and multicultural background. He is currently seeking for a BSE of Finance at Wharton as well as a BS in Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania whereas he was a former investment banker and hedge fund analyst at Goldman Sachs, a former risk management treasurer at Allianz AG and quantitative trader at Deutsche Boerse; also his approaches covers computational biology and biomaterials in Cold Spring Harbor Lab, University of Pennsylvania and Chinese Academy of Sciences. As a chief investment manager of a recent established, Russia-China based, energy and industry focused private equity family office firm, Bastian was seeking for the spark of entrepreneurial mindset as well. He always keeps open to all the opportunities, enquiries and challenges. Personally, he is multilingual in English, German, Chinese and Japanese. Even used contributed his career as a former snooker professional player, he nevertheless enjoys more on fishing and soccer nowadays – yes, a lifelong FC Bayern Berni ! Say Hi on

Herobakery felix ng


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Felix was sent to an international school in the UK for 10 years and is currently reading Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science LSE. Throughout his time in the UK, Felix has build up an extensive network of German friends and adores the German culture. As a result, he is extremely keen on pursuing a career in the professional services sector in Germany, in the near future. Beside his academics, Felix has plenty of start-up experiences, currently a key member of TeamFirst and a founding member of NightlyPartyLondon. These experiences had dramatic enhanced his skill sets and provided him many insights as an entrepreneur. Furthermore, this is coupled with his previous work experiences in Shanghai as well as Hong Kong, in both the financial and educational industries. His passion for Germany goes hand in hand with his love of his country and his roots. This can demonstrated with his in-depth travel experiences across China. Lastly, with China and Germany as the one of the largest economy in the world, Felix is very keen on bridging the gap between these two economic powerhouses in Asia, European and the world. He is ambitious to develop the financial interaction and interdependence between the two countries he love most. Felix can speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese fluently and has plans to advance his German. Say hi at

Herobakery teresa hufnagel


Born and raised in the Hallertau near Munich, Teresa has been studying Chinese Language since she was 15. After high school she continued learning Mandarin at Qingdao University and has fallen in love with the Chinese culture and food. Teresa is now studying Business Administration at the Ludwig- Maximilians-University in Munich. She has professional experiences in private equity and tax advisory and completed an internship at a trade company in Dalian as well. At HeroBakery Teresa is very happy and passionate to build up a great business and company. In her free time Teresa loves to travel and go out for a walk with her White Shepherd Dog. Teresa is fluent in German, Mandarin, English and keen to advance her Russian and Spanish skills

Herobakery kaiyue rui


Born and raised in Beijing, Kaiyue has completed her Banking & Finance studies at the University of Sussex in the UK and is currently studying a Finance Master degree at the Frankfurt School of Management. She has a series of internship experiences within the field of the finance, academic and travel industry. She is especially interested in and eager to foster the economics, finance and business between Germany and China, as well as international politics. Kaiyue has many hobbies, such as travelling, skiing, ice-skating and calligraphy. She is fluent in Mandarin, English and highly motivated to improve her German skills. Say hi to her at

Herobakery michael


Born and raised in Nuremberg, Germany, Michael started studying Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration at Technical University Munich. His greatest passion is to challenge himself in a wide variety of fields. Ranging from Engineering to Finance, he is striving to work on topics in renewables, modern public transport systems, production management and business development and is always looking for sustainable and long lasting solutions. Having completed internships in the U.S. and Germany, Michael has experience in diverse industries and a global mindset. After studying in Hong Kong he gained a great interest in Asia where he is currently completing his degree in Singapore. He is fluent in German and English and spends his spare time mostly with playing volleyball, running and improving his Mandarin skills. Say hi on

Herobakery johannes


Born in the beautiful city that is Tübingen, Johannes is now studying for a Master in Financial Economics at Oxford University. He also holds two degrees in Economics and Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Johannes got in touch with Chinese relatively late when trying to fulfil his language credits for graduation. While being primarily interested in Chinese food at first, he has since spent (way too much) time studying Chinese, among else at the Inter University Program (IUP) at Tsinghua University. Johannes has interned in sales & trading as well as in management consulting with McKinsey in Shanghai and is determined to make his way into a Chinese startup at some point. At HeroBakery, he is looking to connect with more likeminded individuals in addition to helping advance the China-Germany exchange among young professionals and students. Outside of his studies and work, Johannes is currently reading the 三体 trilogy and regularly prays for the Philadelphia 76ers rebuilding “process” to have a good ending. Say 嗨 to him in German, English or Chinese on WeChat: “JohannesYuTao” and on

Herobakery eric che


Eric was born in Hong Kong, has lived in Canada, has studied in Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Germany and has worked in Greater China and Germany. Equipped with an Economics, Politics and International Studies bachelor degree from a university ranked 1st in the subject in the UK, Eric wishes to make the world a better place by pursuing a Master degree in sustainability with a top German university. Having worked with top companies in both Asia and Europe of various sizes, Eric is working towards market / financial analysis and business development on both continents. Eric is a native Cantonese speaker and being educated in English from Kindergarten to Master degree. Indeed, his spell in Mainland China had gained him fluency in Mandarin Chinese. He has learned Arabic and French and now is keen to get his German in order! Eric swims, boulders, skis, plays badminton/football and is currently learning to dance Kizomba. Any thing new is always welcomed! Say hi on

Herobakery xindi huang


Xindi is born and raised in Xi'an. With a bachelor in Business Administration, Xindi has advanced her expertise in sustainability with a masters in a top German university. After having experienced various business functions in leading multinational companies, Xindi is now advancing the communication of China-Germany with HeroBakery to an excellent level. Say Hi on